A superficial in-depth work

A perfectly smooth and clean surface not only enhances the aesthetic quality of any type of object, but also transmits the sensation of a top quality manufacture: at Surfatek we formulate, manufacture and sell chemicals (degreasers, pickling and protective agents, paint strippers and so on) to be used for washing and treating any surface, both metallic and non-metallic.

We are strongly market oriented and we put the customer at the centre of our work, aiming to be more a partner than a supplier: to get the best possible performances from our products, we work in strict contact with our customers, making their needs to become our own and devising customized solutions. We provide an all-around assistance, which includes a careful analysis of any detail of the problem, starting from the types of materials to be treated, to the contaminants to be removed, to the needs in treating and cleansing plants, up to the protection of the environment and operators. The support to our customers also includes a service of analysis and technical support covering the whole plant processes and the disposal and/or recovery of waste waters.

Our work requires expertise, experience and a continuous technical update, but, first of all, a lot of passion.

We believe that the future may hold great opportunities for those who bet on quality and service, and that is why we go on investing and specializing, always seeking more and more innovative solutions to your problems: our work is to highlight yours.

ISO Certificate 9001:2008

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